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A BIG Welcome to the Official Konfidence™ Site for Singapore. We are proud to be the authorised representative for Konfidence™ in this little red dot since 2007! If you are interested to find out a little history about us and what we do in Konfidence Singapore, this is the right place to start.

The Story of Konfidence™ Singapore…About Us 2

Konfidence™ Singapore officially started in late 2007 just when my second baby was almost 7 months old. My husband and I wanted to bring him swimming but we were a bit concern about our baby catching a cold and looked around to find a solution.

We were unable to find one that was suitable in Singapore and started searching abroad. Lo and behold, we stumbled upon the Konfidence™ Babywarma™ and instantly love the practical easy-to-wear design. Most importantly, Konfidence™ gives us the assurance that we needed in terms of quality, reliability and functionality. It was a bonus that its key benefit is to keep the baby warm in the water.

We tested the Babywarma™ and love it! Later on, we tried the Original Konfidence Jacket™ on our older child who had water-phobia. It gave her the confidence to swim in the pool without the need of us holding on to her tightly (which is impossible before that) or for her to hang on to us like a “koala”!

Needless to say, we were impressed and convinced that other babies and kids will benefit from Konfidence™ as well and decided to share with local parents who are experiencing the same dilemma as us.

Since then, we have been sharing great quality products which we personally tried and tested on our kids and sometimes on ourselves too! We believe that you will certainly enjoy the range of awesome products in this website as much as we do and looking forward to serve you and your little one.

Warmest Regards,
on behalf of Konfidence Singapore Team.

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