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Help! My Child Is Afraid of the Water!

Many small children are afraid of swimming in the pool or more specifically – sinking. It can be due to an unpleasant experience, dislike of water splashing on the face or you may not even be able to figure out why they are afraid of the water. More often than not, you find that the […]

Can my One-year-old or 18-mths old use The Original Konfidence Jacket?

The Original Konfidence Jacket is designed for kids from 2 years old onwards (weighing 12 kg and above), all the way to 7 years old (about 26 kg). This is the age where kids has learned or are starting to walk, so they are in the process of gaining their sense of balance. Due to […]

Konfidence Jacket – How do I remove or use the 8-float system?

The Original Konfidence Jacket comes with an unique eight float system. To let your child learn buoyancy, you may want to consider removing the floats but only in pairs. This will ensure that the Jacket is balanced and will help keep your child afloat properly. Once your child is comfortable with the Jacket, and when you […]

How do I choose a Konfidence Jacket?

Ahhh… The jacket that started the company way back in 1998 on the beaches in Cornwall, UK. Most mums and dads will eagerly start their kids off swimming at a young age. This is especially true when the child starts to walk on their own and cultivate their sense of balance. Through the years we found that […]

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