How Can Learn-to-Swim Buoyancy Aids Help Your Child Swim?


One of the challenges of parents when they bring their children to the water is how to help them feel confident in the water. This is an important part of teaching them to swim and making the kids feel safe helps them to learn swimming faster as they are more receptive with lesser fear of being in water.

With these in mind, learn-to-swim buoyancy aids can easily help give your kids the confidence to swim in water. This make it so much easier to teach your children to swim. These swimming aids are practical, giving your child the support they are looking for as a beginner swimming and it increases their sense of water confidence, which is very beneficial.

We highly recommend the use of a learn-to-swim buoyancy aid when teaching your children to swim as they have the following benefits.

Significantly Helps Improve Water Safety

amendedbackjacWater safety is key as your child is a beginner swimming. The buoyancy aids “works together” with your child’s natural buoyancy or ability to float in water, and support your child in the water. This helps takes away the fear and allows your child to be able to quickly get how their body feels in the water. The learn-to-swim aid gives them added confidence in water.

Buoyancy aids support your child’s body as they do not lift them out of the water. This allows them to feel the water density better and get them to understand how their movements in water can have an effect on their bodies and direction of swim.

These learn-to-swim jackets also provides added safety of preventing your child from going under the water while swimming. This is important esp. for hyper active kids. While the buoyancy aids do not stop your child from going under if they jump in the water or want to put their heads under the surface, they certainly do provide a much greater water safety for swimming.

The 8-float system in the Konfidence Jacket is also non-inflatable and this gives added water safety to the child when in water. This is a huge water safety advancement over the traditional inflatable arm-bands and rubber rings.  The multi-awards winning Konfidence Jacket also features a highly visible yellow back for extra safety to make sure your child is visible at all times in the water.

Allows Natural Movements Of The ArJacket_pinkms In Water

These traditional armbands also restricts your child’s arm movement and hence much less suited for learning to swim.

Besides supporting the weight of your child, our buoyancy aids are centered on their body torso rather than on their arms, this gives your little ones freedom to move their arms in the water — which helps them significantly when they want to master their swimming strokes.

This allows for natural movement so your child can develop their swimming strokes.

The learn-to-swim jacket helps to give buoyancy to your child so that they can still swim in exactly the same way when they are ready to progress with the swimming aid. This helps build strength and muscle development in terms of their swimming technique.

Buoyancy That Can Be “Customised” As Your Child Learns To Swim

amendedswim-jackets-2015The Original Konfidence Jacket features 8-float system with individual floats fitted around your child’s torso. The floats can be removed (two at a time) with adult supervision and to tailored it to support your child  as their awareness of their buoyancy levels and swimming skills grows.

As each child develops their swimming ability and gain water confidence and buoyancy differently, our learn-to-swim buoyancy jackets feature removable floats to allow you to tailor the amount of support given to the needs of your little ones.

This 8-float system is ideal when it comes to being able to alter the level of buoyancy provided while at the same time it also means your child to continue to feel safe in the water. This aids confidence as they do not have to swap to another swimming aid — which they may be uncomfortable as they will need time to get used to — while they grow and learn.

Probably The Best And Definitely One of The Most Comfortable Learn-To-Swim Jacket in The World

At Konfidence, with feedback and through close working with parents and swimming instructors we are constantly improving. Our buoyancy aids, such as The Original Konfidence Jacket are made of highest-quality, softest material to ensure that your child is totally comfortable when they wear them.

The Konfidence Jacket is made from high-quality, soft neoprene (1-2.5mm), which allows a good stretch that allows movement to be easy both in and out of the water. This also ensures a snug and still tight fit, even as your little one grows or gains weight.

All of the binding is specially coated in soft lycra to give your child maximum comfort so that they do not experience any chafing. This is especially useful for longer swims in the pools or at the beach. We know our jackets look cool and smart, and with the extra comfort of lycra. Your child will not be left with red marks after wear and they are more than likely and very excited to put their swimming jackets on again!

The Konfidence Jacket features a high quality YKK chunky, self-locking zip with a Velcro zip retainer that allows for easy use even when it is wet. The Velcro zip retainer over it prevents your little ones playing with it and for added safety to ensures they get all the benefits of the buoyancy aid. All our floats and buoyancy are tested with CE marked and comply with the most recent European Safety Certification EN131138-1:2008 relating to buoyant aids for swimming. This safety standard set us apart from others in the market.

You can be assured that you are getting the best for your children with The Konfidence Jacket!

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