Here’re some testimonials from happy customers over the years.
What some of our customer says,


“We have received the warma and very happy with it”. – Jaclyn Ling, 18 Aug 2014-08-22


“I have received the swim nappy in good condition 🙂


Product looks and feels good, keen to try it out soon! Will recommend to fellow mummies”.- Joyce Ho, 19 Aug 2014-08-22


“Thanks for your prompt reply.  I’ve already passed your information onto some girlfriends who will no doubt reach out to you! Appreciate your service.” – Jane Perry, 7 July 2014

“You have found a customer for life – I was talking to our sales team about your small gesture and what a difference it made! Thanks again – we are delighted.”-Gautam, 12 Nov 2010

“Just got the parcel – well in time for our Goa holiday!!! They’re perfect! And thank you so, so much for the freebies … You really shouldn’t have! … It’s awfully kind and generous of you … Will think of you everytime they wear them … Thanks so much, really appreciate it!” – Sonal, 12 Nov 2010
Loved the warma suits and your service”. – Lilian Chiang 7 Feb 2010


Great products! I have been advocating about Konfidence to my colleagues who have kids”. – Prasana Ramesh 10 June 2009


“Thanks for the prompt service. In fact, I really like Konfidence products and is looking to purchase the float jacket for my son”. Thank you once again for the great service“. – Claire 19 June 2009


“…parents of my students have been very impressed with the service from you and super-happy with the improvement for their kids having the insulated warmas. The Konfidence jackets have also been a big hit and many are still talking about buying them…”- Lisa Pearmain (swimming instructor) 28 Feb 2008


“This is a wonderful product [jacket] which I would recommend to all my friends”. – Nicole Cheong 20 Dec 2008


Happy customer after receiving the babywarma.” – Natasha Sum 24 Apr 2008

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